Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting Ahead of Myself

I have a handful of shots I would like to post from the other evening just after work, but captured these images this morning and wanted to share.

First, the Great Horned Owls are still in place. This was the only check in over a week, lasted roughly 20 seconds, and since I know they are around that will be enough for a while. If I am on it I will try once next week after the time change to see if I can catch either one returning.

I had left early this morning, and was trying to decide if I should revisit Lower Church Lake, (it was frozen yesterday), when I spotted a large hawk silhouetted against the rising sun at the corner of 120th and Sheridan in Westminster.

It took a bit of walking to get the right angle for these photos, but I had finally relocated the local leucistic Red-Tail Hawk.

I had been keeping an eye out for the bird, but heavy traffic and just dumb luck had kept me from spotting it on those days when I pass near its known hangout. It was good to see the bird and know that it is still around.

Reports of this bird, or its relatives, that I have tracked down take it back nearly ten years. It looks like the pair are settled in, and at least spent this morning near the established nest.

As I stated in my previous post, I will hope to capture some better pictures of this unique bird in the near future and share them as well - but then I did state that in my previous post as well! Either way, it was a great start to the day to know that this cool bird is still around. Now I will know that my stolen glances at treetops as I drive by are not just wishful thinking.


  1. Wow..what a very cool looking Hawk! Looking forward to seeing more photos of it.

  2. wow! yes let's hear more on this bird!
    on our creek I've seen 2 GHO nests so far... one pair returned to the same nest, and another pair up the creek moved into an old red tail nest. another pair that nested further up the creek is, so far, nowhere to be seen.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond