Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Not even a week behind!

Here are a few shots from the middle of last week. There weren't a lot in the way of photographic highlights, but it was still good to be out.

The Ring-billed Gulls were all that was out on the then-frozen Lower Church Lake. I had a couple of watchful birds flyover before returning to their gathering place well out on the ice.

Then, after getting my season gate pass to Standley Lake Park, I made a lunchtime truck tour of the south side of the park. It was cool and windy, and a ranger I met along the way said she hadn't seen anything down around the rookery. As she was leaving I heard bird sounds close. I looked around, listened, looked around again, and then found three Horned Larks working their way around the parking lot I was in. In winter these birds were surprisingly well camouflaged on the pebbly surface.

A birdless weekend was highlighted by an unexpected basketball win for the CU Buffaloes. Last evening got this week started on a much more bird-oriented note. The monthly DFO meeting featured Paul Bannick, author of The Owl and the Woodpecker. If you are a fan of birds, photography, or considering the interdependence of species this book is worth checking out. Paul gave a great presentation, and had our hardened group of birders and photographers ooh'ing and ah'ing at his incredible images.

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