Monday, March 8, 2010

Unusual Rust

The Denver metro area birding community has been buzzing about a pair of unusual visitors along the Clear Creek drainage in Jefferson County. With a few free hours this afternoon I had to make a stop to see if I could find them as well. The Rusty Blackbirds didn't disappoint, and the multiple birders in the area made the pair easy to find. Not that these two needed much assistance. They were content to move from tree to tree along the heavily traveled trail, only moving short distances when a biker or dog walker would pass.

The female of the pair was the model of the two, and she posed for a few passable shots. Check out her light colored eyes. The male Rusty Blackbird is all black, but has the same light colored eyes. She really shows off the rusty color that gives this species their name. Sometimes though, an itch just needs to be scratched, even if a group of humans are constantly taking pictures.

2010 Count: 79
Lifetime: 208

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  1. Beautiful birds and a wonderful find. It is so wonderful to find and enjoy odd and interesting birds.