Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nope, No Feathers

My Monday afternoon hike was the least bird filled I have had in a while. I headed to Marshall Mesa, but as I was on my was I saw something across a field in the area. I pulled into a side road and watched for a while as this Coyote went about its business. Initially some Canada Geese in the area attracted attention, but eventually a small ridge was the focus of attention and led to some rooting and light digging. I really enjoy getting to observe Coyotes in their environment, they are so close to familiar domestic dogs - but their actions which mimic many of the play actions of our domestic pets are vital to their survival.

After my quick stop for the Coyote I headed on to the mesa, and began my walk. After seeing Ravens, Robins and a lone Starling from the parking area I was completely skunked until my return as the sun had faded. The fact that the walk was undertaken along trails that were half mud and half slushy snow, with a good number of hidden melt-streams running under snowy patches, kept my eyes glued to the ground rather than watching the skies and trees. It figured that yesterday was the first day in a while that I chose to wear cotton socks rather than wool. Oops.

Despite the lack of birds, it was a great afternoon to be out.


  1. To me any trip in the outdoors is not a waste of time as is any fishing trip where fish are not caught. Enjoying the wildness of the outside is always rewarding. I enjoy watching coyotes.

  2. Getting to watch a coyote makes any trip worthwhile! Nice bit of variety, eh!