Friday, March 5, 2010

Staring Down the Day

Yesterday I tried and failed to relocate the Peregrine Falcon I saw on Wednesday. I did share the sighting, and another birder was able to find it, or another in the same area later that day. The best part of the sighting was that one of the area birders, Christian Nunes, shared some additional information about Boulder County's Peregrine population with me. I had been aware that Peregrines have nested in the Flatiron area since well before I arrived in Boulder in 1994. What I did not know was that there are so many active nesting sites. I also learned something about their range. I had guessed that the Peregrine that I saw was a good ways east in its range, and would hunt between there and its nest a couple of miles west from the spot. Actually it seems that because of their nesting density that they may range up to 20 miles east from that spot, which could take them well beyond and in a direct line over my home! Hopefully before long I will have pictures of this great species.

Instead of Peregrine, I found Spotted Towhee in the morning light, and that's not half bad either.
I am off for some skiing this weekend, so perhaps some high country species will show up in this space soon.


  1. Very cute photo of the Towhee! Have fun on the slopes!

  2. Beautiful Towhee! Hope you have a nice time skiing!