Saturday, March 27, 2010

Golden-crowned Sparrow

Better than expected birding today as I headed out to Jefferson County around Morrison under mostly cloudy skies at mid-day today. After a good few hours at the Hawk Watch I made a quick stop by the Trading Post at Red Rocks on the off chance that a Golden-crowned Sparrow, which has been regularly seen at that location over the past few weeks, would be around in the afternoon.

As the pictures show, it was! I got two different looks at this local rarity. I have been to Red Rocks many times over the years for concerts, and even made one birding visit last year. I hadn't known about the landscaped little garden behind the Trading Post though.

The spot was awash with Juncos and some other variety that may get rolled into a later post. But for now, the Golden-crowned gets the special feature. This is a first year bird, that is just getting into its molt.

With the recent birds having been so accommodating in the past few days the migration season looks to have some good potential.

2010 Count: 89
Lifetime: 210

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  1. That's an interesting bird that I can't remember ever seeing. Great photos of him!