Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Waiting for the Weather Change

I headed out at lunch today to see if I could get any pics before the weather really turns this evening. We are supposed to have a cold front blow through bringing rain and snow, who knows it may even drop off some migrants.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much moving along the wooded section of Coal Creek I visited. A Dark-eyed Junco was among the bare branches, confirming that winter is another day closer.

The only other bird I photographed was this lovely Downy Woodpecker. I glimpsed her twice moving through the trees before I got these long range shots.

I'll have to see if she gets any company as the weather turns unpleasant. As I was heading back to work the "Greeley Wind" had arrived, a typical inversion situation along the northern Front Range where certain trapped smells quickly take on the aroma of the noticeable feedlots around Greeley, Colorado. Fair or unfair, I have been hearing the name for the 15 years I have lived in Colorado, and it is an almost certain indicator of snow, which I welcome. So bring on the snow, and the migrant fallout!

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