Friday, October 9, 2009

The National Mall

One of my favorite trip memories is captured in this shot. As we walked along the reflecting pool towards the Lincoln Monument a Great Blue Heron flew overhead. It continued along the mall allowing me to focus on it for some trailing shots, until it banked perfectly in front of the Washington Monument. I love that the shot captures the two monuments, and the flags surrounding the Washington Monument as well as the closer World War II Memorial flag with the POW/MIA as well. Well timed bird!

Otherwise the birding was very unexceptional, but hey it is D.C. and the history and symbolism offer more than enough subjects. The mall walk began at the Capitol end...

and filled the day, ending at the white house at dusk.


  1. That is indeed a classic photo! His timing (and yours) was perfect.

  2. used to go to DC every summer as a kid...great memories..