Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just getting out is good enough - sometimes

After a cold and windy Sunday, and a cold, windy, and snowy Monday I was ready to get outside at lunch yesterday. The sun was back out, and while it was still cool, mid 20s, it was oh so nice. It was about as "common" a day as you could have species wise. I saw exciting rarities such as House Finch, Rock Pigeon, Northern Flicker, Black-billed Magpie, American Robin, and Red-tailed Hawk.
Fortunately for me I still prefer out-of-doors to in, and am easily entertained.

The House Finches were a good exercise in manual focusing to pick through all the branches.

4 Flickers were busy on the ground between a cattail filled creek and some trees.

As I pulled into my work parking lot I spotted the two Red-tails coming in to perch across the field. They were a long ways off, but it was good to see them after an uneventful hour.

2009 Count: 56

Lifetime: 86

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