Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Lunch Birding

Will update or repost later, but my lunchtime trip to Waneka Lake/Green Lee Preserve was definitely good.

I have not updated my numbers, but I had some good species counts and saw some fun birds. A highlight and one worth a closer look. The Great Blue Heron seems to have donned his breeding plumage. I don't know if those molt or can just get puffed up in the cold.

The hawk is evading me until I can get home and double check some guides. Mostly dark head, (maybe a white chin), streaked body, and all white undertail.

The puffed feathers are making it tough for me to gauge if the streaking is representative, or if the bird would appear darker when unpuffed.

If anyone has insights feel free to comment, otherwise I will update when I have a chance to look more closely. Of course it is back to overcast winter here, so unfortunately there is less detail than I would like.

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