Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Walk Around the Lake

Gray Catbird

In Minnesota, for my family like many others, there is nothing like "going for a walk around 'the' lake" in nice weather. The concept of "the" lake is clear when you live in a land of 10,000 of them. There is generally a lake in the neighborhood, and it is usually ringed by a trail or two. Instead of a walk around the block, you walk around the lake. My maternal Grandparents lived a few blocks from Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, and walking around the lake, or in their case lakes meant one or a combination of Calhoun, Harriet, and Isles.

Northern Cardinal

When I was very young the city of Bloomington drained a large marshy area just across the street from my home, and created Mt. Normandale Lake. Myself and a few other neighborhood kids felt like lords in the manor in that large park. We built forts in the trees, played hockey on its frozen ice, fished from its banks and biked, ran, and Rollerbladed its trails. Needless to say a summertime return to Minnesota is always highlighted by a return to the "lake".

Great Egret

Sharing time outdoors with family just adds to the fun, and for my Saturday visit I was joined by my Brother-in-law, Nephew, and Niece. We started out in sprinkles, but by the time we made the 2 mile loop the sun was out and humidity was rising.

Great Blue Heron

I had a great time, and in addition to the species photographed I enjoyed two Osprey circling overhead, many young Wood Ducks and Blue-winged Teal, and a lifer Eastern Wood Pewee. Unfortunately the mid-day sun and our relation two it kept any of those photos from being blog worthy. The only other miss was a Green Heron that my Sister and Brother-in-law had seen on a run the day before. Getting to wade across a flooded section of trail where the rain swollen lake had joined a nearby pond made it a memorable adventure for all of us. I can't wait until my next visit, whenever it may be.
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