Monday, August 10, 2009

On the way to the Airport

I had an evening flight after work on Thursday, from work I took highway 7 straight east from Boulder, and Tower Rd south from Brighton. The best part about that route, (other than avoiding traffic), is that it swings right past Barr Lake State Park, and I had enough time to drive slowly to the boat launch and back before heading on to park for my flight.

I was following a storm out, so the light was a pretty mixed bag, but it was a nice break between work stress and airport stress. There were bunches of Eastern Kingbirds along the access road.

One of the risks of stopping on the way to the airport is that there is a risk that self discipline will fail, and the necessary time to continue on to make the flight seems to come very quickly. Even as I pushed that limit I had to make one stop as I exited the park. A well marked Swainson's Hawk is always worth a quick stop, even in poor light.
Trip details to follow, but I need to work on a replacement for a failed hard drive in my laptop, (apparently Minnesota didn't agree with it).

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