Monday, August 17, 2009

Non-Bird Sights while Camping

One of the great things about birding, is all of the cool things other than birds that a person stumbles across. One of the things that caught my eye was this red-topped mushroom. After a bit of searching this seems to be in the Russula family, likely a Russula emetica, "the sickener". I thought the contrasting red and white was impressive, and would much rather observe than sample anyway. I'll leave any taste testing to some other more adventurous observer.

In another area, a higher meadow, I stopped for a bit to watch this White-lined Sphinx Moth. They are similar to, and commonly called, Hummingbird Moths, but when observed are clearly different. The antennae and smaller size are immediate giveaways, but another fun difference is the presence of a curly-cue tongue or proboscis.

Good stuff, of course the one thing seen but not photographed would have made the best picture. It was a Long-tailed Weasel that made a visit to our camp in the late afternoon. I, of course had just sat down across camp from my camera. I was content to watch the carefree visitor, but sadly it didn't return after I had reunited with my camera and waited for it to come back.


  1. Cool shots of the moth! Also an interesting mushroom: I'm with you though, in regards to eating them.

  2. Thanks montucky. Better seen than swallowed is my motto with things that could potentially kill me! At least until I have had someone teach me a sure fire way to not accidentally eat the wrong ones.