Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Better than Birding!

The title of this post can mean different things based on your attitude to birding. To some readers that statement can only be applied to the birth of their children, fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut, or just possibly getting kisses on the nose from a few week old puppy. For others, the list includes major dentistry, laundry and taxes. I find myself somewhere in between, take a guess which pole I am closer to!

Despite all the attitudes encompassed in the spectrum above there is one thing that hopefully we can all agree is more important than an ever expanding life list, saving human lives!

Yesterday was my opportunity to once again take less than an hour from my busy day to do just that very thing - I gave blood! It is an opportunity that I get to seize once every 8 weeks. I have written about it before. I am sure I will again. This is today's version.

In Colorado the primary blood banking organization is Bonfils Blood Center with whom I donate. They have a bus that comes to my work several times each year, and I make my donations when I am eligible in between those visits at one of their local blood centers.

I know that for some the idea of voluntarily being stuck by needles is abhorrent, but what better reason could there be to confront a fear than knowing that by doing so you will be saving up to three lives? If it is any assurance, for a man like me without even exceptionally hairy arms, the pulling off of the tape they use to hold the line in place is by far the most painful part of the experience.

If you are outside the Colorado area please check http://www.givelife.org/, the American Red Cross blood drive search page. Outside the United States? Don't worry, I'll give you a starting point. These groups promote World Blood Donor Day any of them should be able to provide local resources for your area.

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