Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Walking the Meyers Homestead Trail

This is a bird focused post, but when a little ground squirrel stopped to observe me I just had to get a shot.

I walked the 5.2 mile out and back trail at the Meyers Homestead area of the Boulder Mountain Parks and Open Space on Monday afternoon and evening. The last time I had been up here was early spring, and there was still snow and mud to contend with. I can't believe it had been that long. Now the area was filled with late season wildflowers and a great variety of birds.

Hummingbirds were present, I saw both Broad-tailed and Rufous varieties visiting the many wildflowers. Surprisingly all were female, that makes the identification process much more difficult.

A species that is always fun to watch, but difficult to photograph is the Mountain Chickadee. Like all chickadees they are in constant motion, and on top of that try getting contrast on a dark eye in a dark eyeband - over a white face that would just as soon be overexposed. Something that will keep me trying for years. Their faces make the Black-capped variety look positively clean cut and straight laced. Seriously, if raccoons are supposed to look like bandits what are these guys dressing up as? Hitmen?

While on the trail I had three good looks a the species above, the Warbling Vireo. It took me some searching to get the identity firmed up, but I am glad to have made its acquaintance.

Also on the list was this Hermit Thrush. I have been reading so many reports of Ovenbirds in the Boulder area that I was thinking that was what I had found as I walked. After I had a chance to do some checking I got it straight, and now should have a better sense of them both.

One more look at a Rufous Hummingbird having a snack. Those blooms seem to be custom made for them - just watch a bee try to get all that nectar.

2009 Count: 166
Lifetime: 176

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