Friday, November 11, 2011

Seasonal Change

Growing up in Minnesota you learned to anticipate the seasonal changes. Living without four distinct seasons would feel like a major loss to me, I find joy in each one, and the transitions between. In Minnesota the change of seasons could be fast, or measured and gradual. No matter what though, there was always a movement from one to the next, you rarely went backwards.

In Colorado the seasons jump all around, and with or without a bit of driving you may find yourself catching a feel of all of them in a single day. One day you may get an early taste of winter, and the next may be reminiscent of summer. Here on the Front Range we have already had several significant snows, and a cold start to the week has progressed back to mild temperatures and the potential for a nice weekend.

I guess one of the aspects of Colorado that I am most fond of is that here you can find the unexpected in nature to reflect thoughts or feelings. For instance, Wednesday's lunch visit to Standley Lake Park found me admiring a Song Sparrow against a backdrop of the warm colors of fall. This morning, while unimpressed by a group of Ring-billed Gulls at Lower Church Lake, I did find frosty beauty in a puddle with a partial skin of ice, reflecting an otherwise unnoticed clump of grass against a cloudy sunrise.

No matter if you are in a place where fall is hanging on, or winter is establishing an early grip, I hope nature finds a way to make the commonplace reflect the beauty of the season. Have a great weekend everyone, and Go Buffs! (It's basketball season - time for a win!). BTW, for anyone who followed my England posts, expect a bit of a lag. I have plenty more pictures, but I need to grind out some more processing before I will be ready to add more posts.

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