Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adventures in the United Kingdom - the Recap Part 4 - Snow Hill

After leaving Windsor Castle I did head down the Long Walk into the Windsor Great Park. Rather the detouring on my way out I went straight to the end of the walk, and climbed up to the statue of the George the Third at its summit. The statue was impressive, so was the view back to the castle and town.

By this time the weather had turned wonderful. It made for a great day of walking.

Both statue and walk are symbols, ways that their creators shaped the world to their perceptions of order and style.

Like so many other tributes, these cast their vision through an idealized mask. An artificially structured walkway, applies an unnatural order to nature. A British monarch, cast as a classical Roman conqueror.

A four story horse atop a hill might seem gaudy or outlandish, Denver residents and visitors may consider a certain blue horse outside the airport, but in this setting they just seem to fit.

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