Sunday, November 6, 2011

Prairie Falcon

This morning I had grand ambitions. My spontaneous day-trip took me to the mountains via Colorado Springs, in time for sunrise at Elevenmile Reservoir. I then checked in at Spinney and Antero Reservoirs as well, getting all three of the large lakes in Park County. I was hoping to find occasional visiting species, hung up in the mountains during fall migration. Instead I found thousands of Horned Larks and American Coots, and don't expect that my photos will turn up anything I didn't identify on the trip.

I did, however, finally get a postable picture of a Prairie Falcon. The light snow coverage helped to reflect the sunlight, and aside from a bit of overexposure I was happy with the detail. That was a species that had been absent from the blog for too long.

On an unrelated note, I just discovered that John Vanderpoel has a great blog running for his 2011 Big Year. He is a Colorado Birder from the Boulder area, whom I have met on several occasions - but don't know well. Reading about his travels and sightings is really entertaining, especially for anyone having watched the recent movie adaptation of Mark Obmascik's The Big Year.

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