Monday, December 13, 2010

Cherry Creek Reservoir Rarities

Yesterday morning I headed down to Cherry Creek to try to re-locate the reported Iceland Gull that had been hanging about in the area. As myself and several other birders were setting up scopes and scanning the gulls lining a sand spit this Say's Phoebe popped up just further along the shore.

This winter rarity posed just long enough for me to get a couple of shots using the digiscoping rig - giving me some hope that I may be able to figure out camera settings and get reliable shots at some point in the future. That bird, which has apparently been in the area as well, was close and cooperative.

Our main target, and my first ever Iceland Gull, was not nearly as close or stationary. These were the best of a series of very rough images. I did get great looks at the bird through other scopes that still had their standard eyepieces on, enough so to clearly identify this bird. Clearly though the digiscoping still needs a lot of practice.

Another great gull courtesy of Cherry Creek Reservoir, I hope more continue to show up this winter. The count update below reflects two new adds, the Iceland Gull, and another bird from last weekend that I still need to get posted....stay tuned.

2010 Count: 210
Lifetime: 251

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