Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brown Creeper

Very quiet end to November, birdwise. Strong winds and chilly temps made for some lunchtime walks where I was absolutely skunked. Today the wind dropped off and the sun was shining, which made for a great afternoon walk. Still the birds that I did see weren't posing particularly well. This Brown Creeper was one of a pair working over a group of trees, and trying their hardest to remain out of sight of the guy with the camera. Hopefully the month has more mild days of birding in store.


  1. Howdee,
    Brown Creepers..not bad at those little birds..haven't seen one in a while.
    Hope you have some mild days for birding..
    Happy Warm Birding!

  2. Another one of my favorite birds. We need some SNOW!

  3. Connie is right of course, the Front Range of Colorado does need some snow. The forecast I saw this morning only mentioned a chance next Monday, and not much then, so mild looks to be the way of things for a bit.

  4. Brown Creepers Rock. I'm only just starting to recognize their tiny call!