Monday, December 6, 2010

Bonaparte's Gull

Some distant shots of a small, off-course gull, from a mad dash to Union Reservoir at lunch today. A Black-legged Kittiwake had been reported through the weekend and again this morning, so I made the drive up to see if I could still see it hanging around. Unfortunately I missed it, but a second ever sighting of Bonaparte's Gull was a nice consolation. The weather did some favors as well, allowing me to shoot almost directly into the sun at mid-day, and giving a nice color to the light.

Because I didn't plan this trip in advance I was scopeless, and really wouldn't have had time to slowly scan through all the birds on the water. The Bonaparte's Gull does stand out due to its size. Even at a distance I could readily see that this bird was smaller than the Herring Gulls around it. I was happy I decided to go, adding this little gull to the blog photo list was a reward in itself.

More out of sequence reports and photos to come from the weekend.

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