Sunday, April 4, 2010

Praise and Peregrines

I started out at 4:15 this morning to experience a Colorado Easter tradition. Of course, being me I had to add a bit of my own spin. I attended the Red Rocks Easter Sunrise Service which has been held for 63 years (weather permitting) just outside and overlooking Denver Colorado.

I parked at the Dinosaur Ridge parking lot, (home of the RMBO Hawkwatch), and added a before and after hike to the experience. It was fun to hear a pair of Great Horned Owls hooting as I walked past the ridiculous traffic jam leading to the parking areas.
The outdoor amphitheatre was packed even before I had arrived, and I was well ahead of the lines of traffic I had passed. I headed up to the mezzanine above the seating area and settled in for a beautiful sunrise.

Afterwards I took a bit of time to get some shots of this Peregrine Falcon as it watched the activity in the area. I believe this is the female of a resident pair, but that was based on my impression of her size without a male to compare to directly to her.

Regardless of spiritual background or beliefs, a majestic sunrise in a beautiful natural setting is in my opinion the best way to feel the power and grace of the Almighty. Just like a six mile hike is the best way to feel the muscles and tendons in one's legs!

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  1. She did not disappoint you and wanted you to enjoy her spirit as well.