Sunday, April 11, 2010

Eastern Phoebe

This afternoon I made a quick trip to Boulder to see if I could find a reported Eastern Phoebe. As I drove past the site I saw a birder in the area, but by the time I had parked and walked the half mile back I was on my own.

Eventually I did locate this bird, a Colorado first sighting for me, but it took a bit of scanning in the area to find it. This visitor had decided to settle in next to the busy multiuse trail along South Boulder Creek, and 20 yards from a major thouroughfare. In that spot it was tough to hear, and was wary enough to hang back a ways from the trail.

Not quite the picture quality that I had gotten when I saw one last August in Minnesota, but always fun to add yet another unusual Phoebe here in Colorado in under a week.

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