Sunday, April 11, 2010


In addition to seeing my first Lincoln's Sparrow yesterday I also added the Mink to my Mammal list.

I guess another advantage of early spring, I saw a brown shape moving across a muddy marsh area where the grass was just springing up. Conveniently, it decided to pause and do a bit of scanning, allowing me to get a few shots.

I got to see this one take a swim across the pond, which is appropriate as Mink spend much of their time in and around the water.

In fact, this one tipped off it's burrow location in the bank as I watched. Perhaps I will get back at some point to see if I can improve the pics.

I was surprised at just how Ferret like they are in their actions. Both species are closely related, so it makes sense, and makes the Mink a fun species to watch in the wild.


  1. A mink?? Those are some great captures. You never know who will show up to go birding with you. Congrats.

  2. You got some great shots! What a treat to see!