Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Short Days

Despite the beautiful weather we have been having here in Colorado for late November and early December I have not had many productive birding trips since Thanksgiving that have generated any blog content. A trip to Boulder Creek in the midst of the CU tailgate only produced Mallards, Robins, and a handful of Chickadees.
Monday's lunch was spent running errands, so I used my early afternoon to head to Chatfield State Park, where I picked up a new annual pass. I must say that the pass office staffer was one of the nicest I have met. I had to convince her that I was happy enough to purchase my new pass a few months earlier than my previous vehicles would have expired. My thoughts being that, I had already gotten more than my value from my previous pass, and if there is an organization that I don't mind giving a few extra dollars to it is the State Parks.
I am glad to have my pass again, and am glad to have had a chance to drive through Chatfield State Park while I was there. It was a bit to dark by the time I was done for pictures, but I got a feel for the area, and took a brief stroll in the fading light where I saw a number of geese, a noisy group of Black-billed Magpies, and a lone Great Blue Heron that buzzed my tower as it flew up Plum Creek and over the bridge I was crossing at the time.
Hopefully pics later, in the meantime please consider letting family and friends know about your intentions to donate organs and tissue in the event of an untimely tragedy. It is something that is easy to put off, but something that if clearly stated as an intention before the fact can take a burden off of family members and do so much good for so many others. Don't forget to give blood as well, eligibility comes around every eight weeks!

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