Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cold...Gotten Colder

Yesterday afternoon I headed out, briefly, to see if I could track down anything moving in the single digit temps and snowflakes.

What I found were six American Robins, all in a group of trees close to where I parked. They were busy drinking at a bit of open stream, a valuable bit of real estate when enduring a cold snap. Inspired by my initial success I headed on down the path, seeing exactly nothing further for my efforts. I headed back by the open stream on my way to the car, confirmed that nothing was challenging the Robins for their stretch of water and then left them to it as I headed back to indoor warmth.

Cold days are rarities that should be enjoyed, not just endured. Make sure to bundle up, and then try to get out in it, at least for a few minutes at a time. Today started at -7 for me, but it is supposed to warm up and hopefully will do so. The skies are clear and I hope to get out this afternoon.


  1. Nice shots! I'm surprised to see them this time of year!

  2. Thanks! Here on the front range we actually tend to get good Robin flocking this time of year. It seems to me like they drop off some for a bit in Jan/Feb, but are around if less visible and in fewer numbers even then.