Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I am finding this week to be particularly challenging in a birdy kind of way. Last year about this time I was just over a month into actively seeking and identifying birds, and as such was thrilled with just about anything I could find. Each lunch seemed to turn up new discoveries, and I had plenty of ID work to occupy the dark and cold evenings and chances to seek out early morning opportunities.
So far this late fall season has had far fewer opportunities. Much of it has been a matter of life circumstances, and the reality that in my life birding and photography are merely hobbies, and as such do get bumped down the priority list.
Priorities aside, and who beyond the few professionals out there don't struggle to find a balance, it just seems that the birding fates are conspiring against me. Our Colorado bird list, COBirds, has been filled with reports of White-winged Crossbills and Winter Wrens, all just beyond my midday range.
In the meantime I have been out ranging my familiar stomping grounds, and failing miserably to get on any birds. Yesterday I headed up Coal Creek Drive, where the road overlooks eagle nesting habitat, and had a total of 4 individual birds. The species included one Black-billed Magpie, two likely Starlings (although they were distant and unconfirmed), and yet another Red-tailed Hawk.

Don't get me wrong, I love to observe a perched or soaring hawk! I just prefer a few other species thrown in the mix. In yesterday's case a front was coming that eventually brought snow late last night. For my venture out all it did was hang a dark cloud over my immediate area, with tantalizing glimpses of bright sky in all directions. So, the hawk above had to be seriously modified to show the slightest details.

Today's plan includes a snowy drive to Costco, I need to renew my membership so I can continue to use the gas pump as well as pick up some peanuts for a new tray feeder. (So far my increase of feeder capacity from 1.5 to three has yielded exactly one Northern Flicker). Hopefully while I am out I will spot a gull or some sparrows in the parking lot!

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