Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring and Winter

I started off Friday in the Ft. Collins area trying to see a Eurasian Wigeon. Apparently they are quiet rare here, and not being familiar with the lake where it had been found I took a shot. I learned that at that lake a scope is needed to see waterfowl clearly from the side of the road. So unfortunately I came up empty handed in my wigeon hunt. I then swung through Boyd Lake State Park on my way to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National.
Boyd Lake was popping with signs of spring. I heard the Western Meadowlark above before I saw him, but shortly after I did see him mid-song.

After seeing the meadowlarks and some great Bald Eagle and Red-tailed Hawk flyovers I headed up to the mountains for a bit of a day trip and some hiking.

Just after entering the park I had a treat as a Coyote crossed the road just ahead of my car. The local news media continues to air stories from the Denver area where concerned citizens are looking for answers to a recent uptick in aggressive behavior and encounters. Despite all that I still get excited when I see a Coyote while driving to work or in a setting like RMNP.
I took a nice little 2 mile hike in the Glacier Gorge area of the park. It was so much fun to go from a cool sunny springlike day to snow showers in an hour or so. The birds were scarce, only a pair of Townsend's Solitaires would perch in anything resembling good light, but the scenery was spectacular as always.

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