Friday, March 27, 2009

Blizzard in a Blizzard

My roommate's dog is named Blizzard. He was named as an homage to the great powder days that the Colorado Rockies provide, and like any good dog he loves to play in the snow. So this mild winter in the Denver area has been a bit of a downer for a dog who hasn't heard his name mentioned on a local weather cast yet.
That all got fixed yesterday when I got home from work around 11:00 and was greeted by Blizzard while I was shoveling out my car spot in the driveway. After he helped me for a bit - (he packed down all the drifts and snowbanks by plowing through them) - he retreated inside while I spent another 20 minutes flinging "concrete".

Later in the day I watched from the door (I was still working) while he headed out to enjoy the snow.

One fun game is finding the buried toy. A new racquetball ball works best - 10 inches of snow can't mask that scent.

The only drawback, if you can call it that, is snowy face when you come up for air.

But then snow is the point, and there is no greater thrill than bounding through it at full speed!

Don't let the sad retriever eyes fool you by being captured mid-bound, Blizzard had his most fun day since Christmas or maybe even last year's camping season. Not only was there snow to play in, but the two humans were around the house on a weekday, there were duck jerky handouts, and lots of trips outside to play meant there was a snowy coat each time he came back inside, and another chance to attack his favorite play nemesis - the towel!
I hope everyone had safe travels, and that no matter where you are the next time it snows you get to enjoy your blizzard half as much as Blizzard did!

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  1. I like the face in the snow the best, as i am sure blizzard did too.