Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome to Windsor

After a long, and uneventful journey I arrived in the town of Windsor, just west of London's Heathrow airport. Home of the famous Windsor Castle, sometime residence of the queen, this little town is a popular tourist destination and commuter suburb. Thanks to having been a home to royals since Norman times it is also home to the Great Park, long a hunting preserve and now trust land. The park and castle are connected by the Long Walk, and it was there that I headed to stretch my legs yesterday.

I made it almost to the far end of the walk, but great birds and fading light had me turned back before then. I haven't even had chance to scan through all my photos from yesterday, but will share the above Red Kite shot. There were several of these Kites about, and they were great fun to watch and attempt to photograph. Hopefully more time will reveal even better shots, but for now there are strange songs coming from the growing light outside my window, a castle to explore, and many more new birds to see.

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