Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Coalton Trail - outside Superior, Colorado

Last Thursday evening I had errands to run, but knowing that the sun is sinking earlier and earlier these days, I headed to the high plains of Boulder County in hopes of crossing paths with a late lingering Burrowing Owl or a rare Pipit before I got down to business. I saw lots of Western Meadowlarks, and a bunch of bikers, but otherwise I just had a peaceful, beautiful evening with a view like this mostly to myself.

As the sun dropped I was serenaded by a chorus of Coyotes. A passing biker said he had seen six beyond the next ridge. However, I was on foot, and by the time I Had gotten there the Coyotes had moved on. That's OK, sometimes the things unseen are the most memorable. Then again, sometimes a view and a soft orange sky stick pretty well too.