Friday, June 3, 2011

Catching up last Weekend; As I Begin This One

Before I even start - I know that I now have Florida pictures that have aged almost a month, and CFO Convention pics that are at several weeks, but this is targetting low-hanging fruit in the backlog.

Last weekend didn't offer a significant amount of time for birding. An annual Memorial Day BBQ loomed large on Monday and was going to require some yard, house, and meat prep-time. So early Saturday morning was my window to get out while I could. I had a marginal plan to head up towards Georgetown, and perhaps Guanella Pass for some White-tailed Ptarmigan. After seeing that the road wasn't going to open until late morning, and that the Mount Evans road was open to Summit Lake I quickly changed to that option and headed up above treeline.

I was greeted by wind, and quite a bit of snow. Unfortunately the area surrounding the lake was still deeply buried, and the Ptarmigan were not present, but the American Pipits were.

In the brown grass nearly invisible, but better seen when posing against a snowy backdrop. Even so, nothing stands out above treeline quite like a Yellow-bellied Marmot. (Unless it is later in the year and you get to see larger, critters.)

Skipping ahead a bit, I next ventured out Wednesday at lunch. It was a muggy afternoon, and while the birds weren't exceptional, this Snowy Egret was enjoying the full creek. I really enjoy watching them climb slight inclines, the extended yellow feet are awkwardly entertaining.

The rest of my weekend, when not prepping for, bbqing, or cleaning up was spent contributing to the construction of this fine architectural marvel - a shed!

The marvel is that it is standing! Bah-dum-da! Actually, with the bulk of the planning and management being done by a carpenter/contractor friend the damage that myself and the homeowner could do by 'improvising' was limited. As renter, my contribution conscience is clear and a Saturday of destination birding has a plan forming in my brain.

Have a good weekend everyone, and a very Happy Birthday to my Dad!


  1. I always enjoy your excellent photos and descriptions of many birds that I never get to see.

  2. Nice pipits! (even if the ptarmigan were hiding...)

  3. Oh Marmots! American Pipits! Much missed friends of mine, great pictures. Ptarmigan are sneaky like that...I once hiked 15 fruitless miles trying to see one in Montana, Two weeks later, in Rocky Mountain National Park, and a five year old kid noticed three just outside a visitor's center. Sneaky.