Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Out on a Limb!

Back for a quick peek at the local owl nest between showers this morning. The family is still around, when seen between the thickening leaves.

Everyone was still hanging out on the nest....or were they?

Nope, this owl at least is out seeing the world! Actually those few feet are a big development. These owls are getting close to becoming airborne.

My guess is that they may well be off before I am back in the area next week. Hopefully they continue to provide interest for the area residents between now and then.


  1. It must be great to see them that close!

  2. Close, but not too close! An orange snow fence was erected around the nesting area, which I had felt was placed too close to be effective. The fence-line was inside my closest approach, and did not impact any of the paths in the immediate vicinity.
    Since then several other people in the area have complained that they can no longer get good shots because they can't get close enough . If a good shot constitutes standing immediately below a nest and looking straight up I guess they are out of luck. I guess I am happy to see the fence up if people were really moving in that close - I just think it is funny that an arbitrary line determines what is too close - the owls are well aware of the people in the area. I would have thought that any fencing would have cut off the social trail passing between the neighborhood and busy street, and the pond - but that didn't happen. Regardless, these owls knew that people were in the area when they chose the site back in February. I wonder if they watched the people putting up the fence closely as well? Thanks for the comments.