Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Howl at the.....Sun?

Despite more mild temps this morning I had to dedicate a bit of my lunch to getting errands done. After refilling the gas tank I did take a few minutes to head out and back on Coal Creek Drive. The way out and much of the return were fairly similar to yesterday's walk - very quiet.

As I drove I had my driver side window open. The remaining snow on the road was squeaking a lot as I drove over it, but then I though I hear a howl. A howl? I stopped and listened again, and sure enough I was hearing a coyote howl.

There on the ridge line, she was talking, and others were talking back. I am not sure if the construction crew at the beginning of the road had disturbed her, or if she was just touching base with others before settling down for a snooze in the sun.

Whatever her reasons she seemed content. I have seen coyotes during daytime hours before, but I haven't heard them, or seen them relaxing out in the open like that before. I guess humans aren't the only creatures who appreciate a few extra degrees Fahrenheit to go along with their bright sunny days. Perhaps the reason why the coyotes were talking wasn't so unfathomable after all.

Then, as I pulled away I spotted a Golden Eagle on a high tension power tower. Not an incredibly rare site in the area, but a first for the year for me.


  1. Wow! Great shots of the Coyote! I hear them talk quite often at night, but only rarely in daytime.

  2. What absolute fun! Love the howling shot.