Friday, January 14, 2011

Golden Again

This afternoon my lunchtime walk was at the South Boulder Creek Trail. 50 degree temps made the dirt trail through the trees a bit boggy, so I stuck to the concrete trail. As I headed out two women greeted me with a "We saw a bird for you! We weren't sure what it was, but it was on the right and you can't miss it." I passed an American Kestrel, but it was high in a tree, and unlikely to have gotten that reaction. Then, as I reached my turning back point near the East Boulder Rec Center I saw it...this juvenile Red-tailed Hawk, sitting just above the trail.

Apparently it had grown used to all the walkers, joggers and bikers out enjoying the warm weather, and didn't mind as I approached to take a few pictures. It remained after I had headed on my way, one of three Red-tails seen on my walk.

Walking back I had my eyes on the skies, hoping to add to my growing hawk total, then a large dark bird flew by. Too dark for a Red-tail, it was a Golden Eagle. This sighting was 3 3/4 miles from the bird I saw on the power pole the other day, so it could well have been the same bird, or maybe one of a pair. Mild weather and Golden Eagles, a good way to wrap up the work week.

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