Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Plans and Packing

While running errands at lunch this afternoon a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk was perched on a light post. I had to stop for a minute just to get a couple of shots.

In other news planning and preparation is well underway for my holiday weekend adventure. I am expanding a trip that I did two years ago, just after I had started birding. I'll be hitting four or five states and depending on weather and whims the trip will target a National Wildlife Refuge, a National Monument, multiple National Grasslands and State Wildlife Areas and Parks.

Hopefully I will catch a variety of habitats and species, and little to no precipitation. My previous version of this trip predated the blog by a few months, so I look forward to sharing some stories, checklists and photos when I return.

Take care readers, and if you are heading on a Thanksgiving adventure of your own this weekend go safely and have fun!

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