Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall Hawks

Not much chance to head out to migrating shorebird habitat recently, so I have had to settle for what has been around town in the past few days. The best of those have been hawks.

Tuesday evening there were a nice group of Swainsons Hawks that must have been passing through on migration. I saw three on a short section of road, and the one above was content to sit in the sun while I got a few shots.

On Wednesday morning I made it over to the Singletree Trailhead in Superior before work. The nice little thicket which has been so prductive in the past was quiet, but large flocks of Starlings and Mourning Doves had filled in the surroundign fields and trees.

On the way back from my walk the immature Red-tailed Hawk in the pictures above moved between a couple of different perches. Note the light eye color and barred tail that are present in the juveniles of this species.

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