Wednesday, July 28, 2010

McIntosh Lake Osprey - Part 2: The Flyaway

Even outside ideal conditions this was a fun sequence. After regaining flight the Osprey continued to approach me from across the lake.

These were some of my favorites.

In a few short moments I had shot nearly 300 frames. A really fun series, in less focused shots I can watch as the bird re-orients its catch to what I now recognize as the preferred aerodynamic position.

Too bad for the fish, but I am sure a young Osprey appreciated it.
As I was transfixed shooting the sequence two kids biking past looked out to see what I was taking pictures of. They didn't stop but I distinctly heard one say, "That bird just caught a fish!" followed by an assortment of "Sweet!"s and "Awesome!"s as they continued on their way.
Good job Osprey, enjoy your catch!

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  1. Those are terrific shots, Dave! That's a pretty good sized fish for him, too!