Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Friday June Fourth Recap - Nesting

The last treat that I had before leaving the picnic area on the south-east shore of Jumbo Reservoir began when I caught a glimpse of bright yellow flying into a tree just beside me. It took me a moment, but I saw that the bird, a female Yellow Warbler, had flown through the foliage and landed on the trunk just ahead of me.

She then hopped up to the tiniest beginnings of a nest I had seen, just a few feet from my face. She made a couple of deft adjustments, and was off before I could even raise my camera to point in the general direction. Not wanting to disturb the scene, and hoping it would repeat itself, I retreated a few feet, and waited a few moments before the builder returned.

I found that by lying down on my back I could get an unobstructed shot up to the nest, and enjoyed watching several return trips to the nest site. While my presence didn't go unnoticed I also don't believe it caused any change to the activity of the Warbler. Because the nest was so low and exposed I only hope that other observers with more malicious intent don't find the same vantage I had. Hungry critters may take a more active role in any future activities at the site.

Regardless of whether this site is an actual nest attempt or a false start it worked well for my purposes. I felt fortunate to have such a prolonged and interesting opportunity to watch this Yellow Warbler going about her activities.

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  1. You got some great shots of that little gal! I too wish her well with this summer's nest.