Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Friday June Fourth Recap - Common Loons

Even if you aren't much of a birder you may be thinking, "Those aren't Loons, they're Pelicans!", and of course you would be correct. Click on the picture to see the larger view. Their formation gives the impression that they were flying in a loop. Even as we rightly consider ecological disaster and gloom, we must remember that elsewhere life endures, and birds have the freedom of flight. It is good to observe nature and savor the simplicity and peace we find when we are out in it.

A bird that I have been watching for since I began birding is the Common Loon. Having grown up in Minnesota, the haunting cries and maniacal laughter of these diving birds were a part of the environment on many a canoe trip. Finally getting to see them here, where they are occasional but consistent visitors was very welcome.

Getting to see them near the shore as I drove along the berm-top road was even more so. Attempting to age these birds is a bit beyond my skill, they may be first summer birds, or adults that have just not molted back to their alternate (breeding) plumage. The birds I remember from the summers of my childhood were all in that traditional breeding plumage, so I am not too sure if adults would retain their basic look this late or not.

I am also unsure if these are a pair of late migrants that will continue further north, or if they will stick around out on the plains for the season. Perhaps I will make a return visit in a few months to see if they are still around. Either way, I hope that I won't have to wait another couple of years before seeing Common Loons once again.

2010 Count: 180
Lifetime: 232

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  1. Lucky to see those loons! They're beautiful! (and Hooray for Marmots)