Friday, February 5, 2010

Not Entirely Birdless

Just really close. Not too many good birding opportunities to report this week. I had my truck in the shop for two days getting a few odds and ends done, the basic things that need doing after purchasing a used vehicle. That has been completed, and I am now ready to hit the more obscure and remote roads this spring. Tuesday evening class was a success, I at least completed the assignment! Apparently we don't really get grades, or even very closely scrutinized on whether or not we succeed or fail. Even so, I at least feel like I am getting some structure to push my camera usage. Next week's homework is already in the can so to speak. Two sets of still life images, one black and one white, show the differences in the metered exposures. Good stuff.
I did make a stop on the way to class Tuesday looking for a Glaucous Gull, I didn't find it, but did see the most Common Mergansers, 40, that I have yet to see in Broomfield. We'll see what the weekend has in store, at least a bit of football I'd imagine.
At lunch today I made it out for a bit and saw two Magpies and the photogenic Red-tail above. If it hadn't swung overhead it would have been a bird-less day indeed.

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