Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On the Road Again

Meet "Krider"!

A large part of the insanity of the past few weeks, and the main reason why all birding activities have ground to a halt is because my previous car, a Honda Accord, met an untimely death on Monday November 2nd. That car had many issues, and while I was sad to see it go, I am very happy with my new ride.
The extended period of bus ridership was well worth holding out for a solid used vehicle that met my needs of 4 wheel drive and high ground clearance. Those were sorely lacking in my old coupe, and restricted my range for camping, hiking, and bird photography.

To celebrate my re-found driving freedom I pulled into the Stearn's Lake parking lot for the vehicle picture above, and drove to the end of the access road to check for anything in the large cottonwoods there.
I want the bird above to be a Krider's Hawk, but can't be certain due to the sun angle I was fighting. The white throat and zoomed in view of the cere also made me think Ferruginous, but I wasn't seeing the indication of dark legs that I would have liked. In any event it was close enough to trigger Krider in my mind, and that just seems like a better name than Penguin or American White Pelican, or Snow Goose. Although if problems crop up Snow Goose may come back to mind.

There was a more "typical" Red-tail in much better light that I also had a chance to photograph.

Glad I'm not a rodent!

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