Friday, November 20, 2009

More Hawks

Yesterday at lunch I headed to the Greenlee Preserve in Boulder County for a quick look since the snow has long since knocked down the marsh grass and cattails. The water was fairly quiet, but I had an aerial display that more than made up for it.

These two Red-tails were lazily circling over the wetland. They didn't seem to be aggressively disputing territory, just displaying the majesty of flight on a beautiful fall day.

This time of year always surprises me, here we are just a month away from the shortest day of the year, and yet the recent snows have still felt early. I'm not complaining though, the lingering snow pack and low angle sun really helped to light these hawks from below.

It was really rewarding to get a chance to spend a few minutes watching large raptors in flight.

I just hope that in some bird way they know how much a few members of one species enjoy watching them soar.

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  1. I sure echo your sentiment in your last sentence, Dave! I can spend hours watching that.