Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting very excited.....

No, I haven't been out doing any more birding than I had two weeks ago - but I will be soon.

For everyone checking back periodically I appreciate your patience, and will hope to reward it with some birding adventure reports in the coming weeks and months. First up, a return to New Orleans in a few weeks to see if I can add a bit more intensity to the birding part of my trip this year. I coordinated with my work to arrange a week long visit this year, and in the midst of doing some real work will have more mornings and some weekend days to get out and about.

Then, this blog is going to get international! Its about time too. I'll save the details for future installments, but a flight has been booked and I can't wait.

For now a couple of pictures from a June trip to Rocky Mountain National Park:

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