Friday, February 4, 2011

Piling on

At what point does seeing good birds become an embarrassment of riches? After my great Downy Woodpecker start to the morning I headed out in the mild overcast for my lunch, and spotted this juvenile Cooper's Hawk at the end of my walk. That is two for two on Friday afternoons - not a bad streak!

Once again the bird was at the end of my walk, just as I was approaching the parking lot - this time at the Bobolink Trailhead on the South Boulder Creek Trail. I am also seeing a pattern develop. The walk this afternoon was entirely devoid of any small birds. I may have heard a lone Junco, but if I did it wasn't sticking its head out much. I think those quiet bird days in the future are going to find me scanning a lot more carefully for Cooper's Hawks.

It wasn't just the Cooper's Hawk though.

Earlier I had spotted a Red-tailed Hawk across the large field to the east of the trail. Closer examination of the photo revealed what I believe is a Harlan's variety of Red-tail. It's always fun to find those.

So, I am still no further along at getting through a backlog of photos, but in my book that is a good problem to have. Mountains tomorrow, and who knows what before football on Sunday.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. Nice! I love this: "At what point does seeing good birds become an embarrassment of riches?"