Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nice Lunch Break

At lunch today I decided to swing by the Broomfield Civic Center parks to see what birds I could spot in a short amount of time. The list wasn't all that exciting, but the fall colors were great. This House Finch was hanging out with some friends right in the parking lot.

At the library pond I spotted this banded Canada Goose while looking for odd gulls. It conveniently swam over to me, so I grabbed a legible shot and submitted a sighting report this afternoon. The website for submissions seems to have had a face-lift, and has a convenient section for identifying the type of band you saw.

In this case the record took well under five minutes to submit. I don't know that the goose records are of much interest to researchers outside the scope of their project, but it is easy to do, and kind of fun to add to the records I keep. If you have the chance to record a readable bird band in a photograph be sure to stop by A good way to make common birds more interesting.

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