Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Red-tail, If You Please?

After a non-birdy start to 2010, (my weekend consisted of laundry, cleaning, year end paperwork filing, groceries, and a horrible end to the Denver Broncos NFL season), I finally made it out quickly yesterday at lunch. I spotted a this Red-tail Hawk as I pulled into a parking spot, and aside from a group of Canada Geese it was the only bird I saw.

All the same getting a few poorly angled liftoff shots is better than nothing, right?

I followed its flight path and was surprised that it continued down on a low angle rather the lifting above the landscaping trees and bushes.

Quickly I rushed around a bend in the trail to get a look into the depression where the hawk had landed. Just as I scanned and refound the bird it took to the air, and my quick shot confirmed that the hunt had been unsuccessful.

Undeterred the hawk rose to a new perch atop a light pole and started to scan the ground again for its next potential meal.

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